Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What it's like to be a BEAVER!!

Well, I know it has been a while since I have posted a blog, but to say the least, this last month has been CRAZY and HECTIC, but very exciting and rewarding! I posted last to tell you about my job news and at the end of March I started with Oregon State. I'll kind of skim through the last month to tell you what I've been doing. The team had a tournament in Eugene (which was officially my first day of work) and I was temporarily living in Corvallis. A week later we traveled to Phoenix for a tournament and my mom flew down and met me, at which point we left to drive my car (which had been in Phoenix) to Albuquerque to pack and move my stuff up to Oregon. We made our drive north and I actually left my mom in Boise...I flew out to meet and surprise the team at the Stanford event (which was one of my favorite college courses). My mom finished the drive (what a trooper) and met me that weekend in Corvallis. I have moved into an apartment...or kind of moved in, I am still very much living out of boxes and until today haven't even had a bed!

I am loving my job, loving the team, loving the people I work with, and yes, I guess you could say I'm a little bit excited about all of it!!! I feel like it was a good decision and a good fit. It all feels very natural and meant to be! I am surrounded by black and orange on a daily basis (which I'm getting used to) but I've had no problem defending the Beavers to my Dad (who is a huge Duck fan). I am anticipating late this fall when he comes crying for tickets to the Civil War football game (which is in Corvallis this year)!!! :)

I am in the airport, trying to finish this very quickly, leaving for El Paso, TX for a Futures Tour event. I am very excited to be getting out to play again and obviously will love the change in weather. The tournament is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and they will have the live scoring available at www.duramedfuturestour.com

I promise to give more updates...more often. Thank you all for your emails, they've been very fun!

Birdies, birdies, and more birdies...and GO BEAVERS!!!