Monday, June 23, 2008


Ok, so once again I have waited way too long to post another blog! Sorry about that.

Last I wrote to you I was headed to Denver for the Colorado Women's Open. I had one decent round out of the 3 and finished tied for 18th, which actually paid more than finishing 20th on the Futures Tour...funny how that works! You would think that the Futures Tour would be a better investment, but not the case!

I was able to be at home all last week to caddy for Rise (the head coach) in the Oregon Women's Amateur tournament being held at Bend Country Club. I had a good time, although it was really hard to not be able to play. I love that tournament and especially love match play. I wish there were some tournaments for professionals that were match play. It was fun to be at home and spend some time with my family. Now that Rise's getting to know the Downs', I'm thinking she's wondering what she got herself into!!!

I am in the Denver airport right now headed to Dallas, Texas for the Texas State Women's Open. I have not played in this before, but I thought playing in some state opens would be fun! I am excited because I get to stay with the family I stayed with last year in McKinney, Texas. They have JJ, the little bichon...which is what Peaches was! I love those dogs and am excited to get my Bichon fix! There is a pro-am tomorrow, and the tournament is Wednesday and Thursday. I will be sure to post a response in a more timely manner this time. If you want to look online, I'm sure they will have results posted. The website is and you can follow the link on the left side of the page to get to the Women's Open.

The next couple of months is going to be pretty busy with traveling for recruiting. I will be at Bandon Dunes next week. Then it's off to San Diego and Hartford, Connecticut. And, I am thrilled to say that I am fortunate enough to get to go to Scotland in August. Rise and I are traveling to Scotland for the British Junior Amateur tournament and I am beyond excited!!! Rough life, I know.

I hope to talk to you all soon...and while I'm thinking about it, I will not have my personal cell phone (505-379-3586) after July 28th. You can reach me at (541) 230-0700 or at work (541) 737-3900.