Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cactus Tour

A little update on what I've been doing. We had a great time in Mexico in January. I flew home to Bend with my family and headed out of town a few days later to start the season. After about a week in New Mexico practicing, I drove to Phoenix and have since played in 2 Cactus Tour events. The first, February 4-6 and the second last week, February 11-13. The first week we were wearing multiple layers and had hand-warmers in our pockets...I couldn't believe I was in Phoenix. The following week was perfect weather and much more like it. I was still chipping the rust off the first week and didn't play great. Last week was great and I ended up finishing in a tie for 2nd after a well needed 30-foot putt on the last hole for birdie.

Week 1: 77-79-72
Week 2: 71-73-69

The website for information and results is

As far as the Futures Tour is concerned...unfortunately I am much further down the alternate list than I would like. I am 22nd for both of the first two tournaments, and that means that chances are not at all good that I will get in. So, as of right now, my plans are to play in more Cactus tour events until I get into any Futures Tour tournaments.

No exciting or entertaining stories to be told from my road trips yet, but maybe some to come.
I will be adding blogs more regularly now that I'm playing pretty much every week, so be sure and stay tuned to hear the latest.

Birdies, birdies, birdies!!!